Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook

The Dursleys are a well-to-do, status-conscious family living in Surrey, England. Eager to keep up correct looks, they are embarrassed by Mrs. Dursley’s eccentric sis, Mrs. Potter, whom for several years Mrs. Dursley has actually made believe not to understand. On his way to function one ordinary early morning, Mr. Dursley notices a cat reviewing a map. He is unclear, but tells himself that he has just envisioned it. Then, as Mr. Dursley is waiting in web traffic, he notifications people dressed in brightly colored cloaks. Walking past a bakery later on that day, he hears individuals chatting in a fired up manner regarding his sister-in-law’s household, the Potters, as well as the Potters’ one-year-old child, Harry. Disrupted but still unsure anything is wrong, Mr. Dursley makes a decision not to say anything to his wife. En route home, he bumps into a strangely dressed man that happily says loudly that a person named “You-Know-Who” has actually ultimately gone and that even a “Muggle” like Mr. Dursley must express joy. Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook Free. On the other hand, the news is full of uncommon records of shooting stars as well as owls flying during the day.

The contrast that Rowling develops between day and night prefigures the more crucial contrast between the story’s regular globe and its wizard world. Mr. Dursley, who walks around throughout the day, characterizes the dullness and dullness of everyday life, while Albus Dumbledore, that slinks about at night, exemplifies the fantasy and also enigma of magic. His act of magically putting out all the streetlights near the Dursleys’ home produces a splitting up between these 2 worlds. Professor McGonagall’s ability to take the shape of both a pet cat and a human shows the difference between wizards, who have magic at their disposal, as well as Muggles, who do not. However Rowling quickly shows us a much higher splitting up– a geographical one– in between these 2 realms, carrying us ultimately from an average English community right into the magical places that wizards frequent.

From the start, Rowling produces a great buzz regarding the protagonist of the story, Harry Potter, both for the various other characters in the story and also for us, the viewers. She does not describe Harry’s importance but merely demonstrates how his presence affects the world. Mr. Dursley, for example, encounters all sorts of unusual events– a cat reading a map, individuals walking around in capes, the giddy reference of the separation of a person called You-Know-Who. These prophecies create a potent mood of enigma around Harry. Furthermore, though we do not yet understand why Harry is unique, we see that he is destined to play a crucial role. Rowling locates him in opposition to the effective and been afraid Voldemort, as well as it becomes clear that these two numbers will most likely face each other at some point in a critical fight.