The Drawing of the Three – The Dark Tower 2 Audiobook


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It’s been seven hours because Roland awakened to locate the man in black dead beside him. Roland is on a beach, where he is attacked with a 4-foot long, shelled monster he describes as a lobstrosity. The monster bites off two of his fingers and a big toe, leaving him in acute agony. As he weakly walks down the shore, he wonders when he has come to the end of his quest for the Dark Tower and the answers about life and death he has been seeking.

He feels infection spreading through his body and understands it will soon reach his heart. The Drawing of the Three – The Dark Tower 2 Audiobook. When he believes he can go no more, he sees a strange doorway on the shore. Entering it, he finds himself at the body of a man named Eddie Dean. Roland doesn’t know the man’s name, but he recognizes him as “The Prisoner,” about whom he had been warned by an oracle in the former audio book. The oracle said that three was that the number of Roland’s fate. “The Prisoner,” a heroin addict, was among the three people with whom Roland would need to compete.

Roland, a gunslinger from another world or time interval, finds himself on an airplane. He’s looking outside through Eddie’s eyes and seeing Eddie’s world. He’s got the capability to observe from deep within Eddie or step forward and essentially control the man. Eddie’s greatest concern is how he’ll pass through customs and not get caught with the cocaine taped on his skin below his forehead. The Drawing of the Three – The Dark Tower 2 Audiobook Free. He is smuggling the drugs to get a kingpin named Balazar.

An attentive stewardess recognizes Eddie’s strange behavior and alerts the captain since they land. Roland realizes his own body, still languishing back to the beach beyond the door, will not survive without medication of some type. If his host understands a guy who deals in drugs, certainly that man will help him get the medicine he needs. Roland tests a concept and discovers he can take items back outside the doorway to the shore and deliver them back to Eddie’s world. He makes a plan to take the drugs from Eddie’s body in his world long enough for Eddie to get through customs. But he realizes he should make contact with Eddie to do this.

After the flight has landed, Eddie removes the drugs in the airplane bathroom while pilots at the hallway demand he open the door. Stephen King DT2 The Drawing of the Three Audiobook Free Download. The move of the medication to Roland’s world is powerful, and Eddie is smug as disappointed customs officers find nothing illegal on him.

After Eddie leaves the airport, he’s picked up by a single of Balazar’s henchmen. Balazar has drugged and kidnapped Eddie’s addict brother, Henry, in a bid to ensure Eddie does not run away with the medication he is smuggled. Balazar’s sources have told me that Eddie was detained by customs, however, the amount of time that he spent makes Balazar wonder Eddie was permitted to depart with the medication.

Eddie assures Balazar he’s them, he only needs to go into Balazar’s bathroom and he’ll out them. Balazar has one of his men check the bathroom to be certain it’s clear. Then he makes Eddie strip nude. Balazar informs his man to go into the restroom with Eddie. Eddie goes into the bathroom and steps back through the door to the beach.

The confused henchman is eaten by lobstrosities. Eddie and Roland come out of the toilet shooting. A damn gun battle ends with Balazar and all his men dead. Before being shot, one henchman brings Henry’s severed head to Eddie. The Dark Tower 2 Audiobook Download. Eddie is overcome with grief. Roland invites him to come back through the door into his world. Eddie agrees, because he feels he has nothing left in his own world.

The upcoming weeks are a blur as Eddie detoxes out of his addiction and Roland’s body heals, as a result of antibiotics out of Balazar’s medicine cupboard. Eddie finds the lobstrosities are good for food, and he shoots them to maintain himself and Roland alive. When Roland is finally back on his feet, he and Eddie travel until they locate another door into a different world.

Now in 1959, Roland is appearing through the eyes of “The Lady of Shadows,” a black lady with two characters. Since Odetta Holmes, she is a wealthy, well-dressed heiress living in a building full of white men and women. When she’s Detta Walker, she’s an extremely crass, lowbrow woman.

This girl is also an amputee, whose legs have been severed some years before when she had been pushed in front of a subway train. When Roland finds her, she is Detta. She’s shoplifting in Macy’s and about to be captured by security. Roland wheels her, kicking and screaming, back into his or her world. The Drawing of the Three Audiobook Stephen King.

After the girl awakens in Roland’s land, she is the kind, well-spoken Odetta. Eddie speaks with her for a while and falls in love almost immediately. The three keep their interminable journey along the beach in search of the next doorway. To Eddie’s and Roland’s dismay, Odetta doesn’t reappear. They are finally made to tie the fighting, cursing, obscene Detta to her wheelchair.

Sometimes Detta yells at night simply to prevent them from getting any sleep. Roland’s infection ends up, and their supply of ammunition for hunting lobstrosities begins to run out. The reduced Roland sends Eddie and Detta on forward to search for the door. The Drawing of the Three Audio Book DT2.

In this span of a few days, Odetta reappears. When they reach the door, they devote the evening needing a star and having sex. The following day, as he prepares to take the seat back and receive Roland, he gives Odetta a weapon. Roland has vehemently warned him, since they don’t know when Detta may resurface. But Eddie can’t stand to depart Odetta defenseless while he’s away.

Eddie goes back for Roland, who’s angry when he learns that the woman is armed. When both men reach the doorway, there is no sign of the woman. Roland urges Eddie to go through the third door with him, but Eddie won’t depart his love behind. Roland goes through the third door.

Roland finds himself looking through the eyes of “The Pusher,” an accountant named Jack Mort who has sexually aroused by hurting people. Roland arrives just in time to keep Mort from pushing Jake, Roland’s young buddy from the previous publication, in the road to his death. Mort then hides in an old building and tosses down a brick to hit on a young black woman. It’s Odetta, and this was the injury that put her in the hospital with a concussion as a kid. In addition, he realizes Mort is the same individual who pushes Odetta in front of a subway train years later. Stephen King – The Drawing of the Three – The Dark Tower II Audiobook.

Roland is infuriated by Mort. He immediately realizes he has not been delivered to the time and place to find another traveling companion, but to destroy this wicked guy. Roland uses Mort’s body to get ammunition for his gun and medication because of his infection.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the doorway, Detta has resurfaced. She has tied Eddie in numerous ropes and abandoned him at the sea. Both know that if Roland does not return by sunset, the lobstrosities will ruin Eddie. Detta waits in the door with Roland’s gun, intending to attack Roland when he returns. Roland looks through the doorway, making eye contact with Odetta and Detta concurrently, before pushing Mort facing a of a subway train.

However, she’s awaiting Roland with a gun when he melts into his universe and tries to rescue Eddie. The Drawing of the Three – The Dark Tower 2 Audio Book Free Online. In the swarm of lobstrosities. Unexpectedly, Detta turns her gun and her wrath on the lobstrosities and saves Roland and Eddie from certain death in the sea. Afterward, in her mind, she states she’s three women: the girl she was, the woman she had no right to be but was, along with the woman Roland saved.

Roland has been cure using the antibiotics that he took from Mort’s entire world. As the three traveling on, Eddie is worried. He knows Roland’s quest means more to him than anything else and anybody’s life, such as his and Susannah’s. He inquires Roland when the Gunslinger will let them die, if that is necessary to complete his quest. Roland doesn’t deny it. Roland sleeps and proceeds to dream of the Tower. The Drawing of the Three – The Dark Tower 2 Audiobook.